Bantry Workshop, 18th to 20th June 2004

Some photographs of our weekend in Hagal Healing Farm, Bantry, Co Cork, Friday 18 to Sunday 20th June 2004.

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Mairead and Marie and a Hungi Hello

A Hungi welcome -- Mairead and Breda


The Altar

Walking the Labyrinth

Walking the Labyrinth

Marion and Marie working with Ann

The Cat sat on the ....

Mairead on the swing

Ann on the swing


Mairead and Marie at work

Mairead and Marie at work

Marie and Breda working

A short and welcome break

Mairead and Ann hard at work

Cuddle Puddle

Marie and Ann at work


Marie, Ann and Mairead during a break

The Standing Stones

Still standing

Standing Stones

Walking on the mountain

Along the mountain trail

@ Lunch -- Mairead, Ann, Keith

Lunch time

Marie at work

Ann at work

Practice makes perfect

Ann working

Marie working on Marion

Mairead getting her certificate

Breda getting her certificate

Marie getting her certificate

Ann getting her certificate

Marion getting her certificate

Marie getting her certificate

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