Wicklow Workshop, 14th to 16h June 2004

Some photographs of our weekend in Sli na Bande, Newtownkenneddy, Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th June 2004.

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The group assembles

Susan and KelliAnn say hello

The Altar prepared

KellieAnn at work

Circling the Standing Stone


Exhale and Relax

Taking a break



Dan in relaxed mode

Leah relaxing

Trish and Janny

Tsvetko and KellieAnn giving Susan a treatment

Myrthe after her Heartworks treatment


Chalet meditation

Tsvetko meditates

Janny meditating

Fred and Janny meditate

A short break

Annmarie gets the toothbrush

Fresh Air, Long Walk

Anyone like a yoga mat?

Myrthe ready to get going again!

Sonomie at work

Dan at work

Susan working

Sonomie working

Susan at work

KellieAnn working

Janny working

Tsvetko at work

Fred at work

Fred and Myrthe

Hugs -- Annmnarie and Sonomie

Happy Susan and Leah


Fred getting his certificate

Annmarie getting her certificate

Annmarie getting her certificate

Leah getting her certificate

Janny getting her certificate

KellieAnn getting her certificate

Tsvetko getting his certificate

Dan getting his certificate

Sonomie getting her certificate

Susan getting her certificate

Myrthe getting her certificate

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