Bantry Workshop, 5th to 7th June 2004

Some photographs of our weekend in Hagal Healing Farm, Bantry, Co Cork, Saturday 5th to Monday 7th June 2004. The weather was beautiful, the participants were dynamic, and the energy was soaring.

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A beautiful environment at Hagal Healing Farm, Bantry, Co Cork

Altar and space ready for workshop to begin

Nora working on Keith

Exercising can be fun

Mary working on Charles

Enjoying a delicious healthy Lunch

Claire working on Keith

Helping each other

Charles in action

A welcome Fruit Salad

Proof of the strenuous weekend

Practice makes perfect

Noreen working on Nora

Calling in

Early morning walk

Walking in the Labyrinth

Trish happy in the Labyrinth

Enjoying Fred's amazing food

New Friends


Brian and Charles

Claire and Brian getting Leid

Charles takes a break

Bunny @ large

Brian working on Claire

Claire at work

Nora working on Charles

Practice makes perfect

Brian and Claire

A silent walk in the countryside

Breaking the silence

Claire, Noreen and Brian

A very happy Nora

Charles getting his certificate

Mary getting her certificate

Claire getting her certificate

Nora getting her certificate

Brian getting his certificate

Noreen getting her certificate

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