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For the first time in Ireland you can now experience the bliss of an authentic
Hawaiian massage. We at Celtic Kahuna have trained with genuine Hawaiian-born
and Hawaiian-trained Kahunas.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian massage (Lomi Lomi) is an ancient and profoundly spiritual form of
healing. Each family preserved their own style for maintenance of general well
being, individual healing and as acts of hospitality for guests.

Hawaiian massage uses long flowing strokes lovingly applied with the hands
and forearms to the whole body to impart waves of energy throughout the body.
These waves soothe tired muscles and can release cellular memories and blocked
emotions stored as chronic muscular tension. The recipient and body worker
can work together to let go of unwanted thought patterns and make
way for new levels of motivation, well being and direction.

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Four-Hands Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian Massage for Mind, Body & Soul

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