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Temple-style Lomi Lomi

Temple-style Lomi Lomi is a powerful full body high energy massage. Lomi Lomi was performed by the Kahuna or Shaman who energetically connects with the person This treatment is very challenging. It uses hands and forearms and concentrates universal energy to invigorate the body in long flowing hula movements.

Working simultaneously at a dynamic spiritual, emotional and physical level Temple-style Lomi Lomi can access and release negative beliefs and constricted emotions stored as neuromusculaqr tension. Temple-style Lomi Lomi is a beautiful way to regain inner balance, revitalize tired muscles and regain that sense of exuberance, confidence and vitality.

Temple-style Lomi Lomi is especially recommened for people seeking something extra to cope with the demands of modern life, and those dealing with chronic fatigue, depression and overcoming grief and loss.

Temple-style Lomi Lomi

Heartworks Lomi Lomi

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