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Keith Tapp

Keith, from Australia, is a full time
practitioner of Hawaiian Massage,
specialising in Sherman
Dudoit's Hawaiian bodywork
system called Heartworks Lomi
and Four Hand Lomi Lomi.
He trained in Australia at Mette
Sorensen's Institute with Mette
herself and later with Sherman
Dudoit, when he visited from Hawaii, where he is recognised as an authentic Hawaiian Kahuna.

His decision to focus exclusively on Hawaiian bodywork and healing was a natural
progression and the culmination of many years personal interest in keeping fit,
playing sport and using natural therapies to stay well. Keith has always had a
fascination for Polynesian culture and pursued formal university studies in
Pacific anthropology, material culture and ethnology to a postgraduate level.

Keith's ambition now is to pass on to you the awesome beauty, relaxation and
deep healing benefits of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi while becoming himself, part of the
many generations of practitioners that have kept this wonderful ancient healing
art alive.

Temple-style Lomi Lomi

Heartworks Lomi Lomi

Four-Hands Lomi Lomi

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